Role of smart technologies to enhancing traffic safety

Traffic and transportation safety-related technologies have evolved through significant developments for the last two decades. In particular, this is true for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) based technologies related to both automotive and smart traffic control systems aiming to reduce fatalities, injuries, and property damages due to traffic accidents.

The ITS apply modern technologies on highway and road networks for traffic surveillance, data collection, control, and modeling traffic movements in real time and in forecasts. The ITS primary focus includes optimising transportation infrastructure utilisation, reducing cost of transportation and enhancing overall safety of the system.

The deployment of ITS by engineering practice in several countries successfully dropped the traffic violations by up to 40% on average. In addition, ITS also contributed for overall reduction in traffic accidents by an average of 20%.

If you want to meet the top KSA and regional authorities actively addressing traffic safety, who are utilising the latest technologies and techniques, the Traffic Safety Forum is your one chance to address your target audience in an intimate and informative setting.


  • Development of in-vehicle smart safety systems and technologies
  • Development of on-road smart safety systems and technologies
  • Development of smart technologies for traffic management
  • Development of smart systems for management of traffic accidents and quick emergency response time
  • Development of smart safety systems for the operation and handling of heavy vehicles
  • Insurance and legislations considerations in deployment of smart technologies to enhance traffic safety


  • To identify smart technologies in traffic safety which are proven successful in international experiments
  • To develop channels for transferring smart technologies related to traffic safety to Saudi Arabia
  • To identify recent advances in smart technologies and its compatibility with the objectives and elements of traffic safety
  • To develop regulations relevant to the application and deployment of smart technologies to enhance traffic safety
  • To identify smart technologies for management of traffic accidents and improving expedited emergency response

Meet the organising and scientific committee

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Exhibitor profile

The international exhibition will be held across over 1200 sq meters of space, showcasing the following solutions to purchasing decision makers from across the Kingdom, visiting to source new traffic solutions for their continued development.

The exhibitor profile will include:

  • Traffic safety societies, organisation and NGOs
  • Local, regional government, semi-government organisations active in field of traffic safety and law enforcement
  • Educational institutes
  • Suppliers of traffic safety training and education material and technology
  • Emergency response suppliers
  • Road and safety consultants
  • Safety enforcement organisations

  • ITS suppliers
  • City planning and construction companies
  • Legal firms
  • Automotive manufacturers
  • RFID and in-vehicle mobile technology manufacturers
  • IOCs, NOCs, industrial companies with active traffic safety CSR initiatives Automotive and driver and passenger safety gear manufacturers
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